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My Name is Sam Buckley, I have been a Skills Trainer for over 12 years and I have gained extensive knowledge and experience in memory improvement techniques that I use in my work to boost learning and improve memory.

I started howimprovememory.com as a FREE resource for others like me, who wish to improve memory and sharpen their minds to manage and take control of their productivity and daily lives.

Here on my website, you will find a number of resources to help you discover how the brain stores and retrieves information. Techniques that you can apply today to quickly and easily improve your memory and personal tips and fun tricks that I have employed to sharpen my memory that will increase your chances of success and much more.

I have put together a FREE step-by-step mini-course series on discovering the secret winning ways to improve your memory to help you get started quickly. It is designed to teach you all of the essentials information to successfully improve your memory.

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  • 4 key stress factors that can affect your memory and gain an understanding of how to control and eliminate them.
  • The #1 most overlooked factor for memory loss that can make a huge impact on your memory and how you can quickly and easily overcome this.
  • Explore foods that can help improve brain activities and the part a special ingredient plays to help you get the full benefits of them.
  • How to match symptoms of types of memory loss with diagnosis and get signposted to required help you need.
  • 3 top memory joggers that you can engage in daily and naturally sharpen your mind.
  • 4 Key guidelines to boost and improve your memory recall and how you can apply them easily.
  • Much, much more!

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